AKP Skin Care

Dear AKP’s Clients:

AKP’s Protocols: All AKP products are made from USDA certified organic ingredients. A unique, advanced technique is employed to extract constituents from herbs; leaving only wholesome, natural essential oils and antioxidant flavonoids, natural colors, fragrances and preservatives.

No toxic solvents, artificial agents, cortisol, parabens, or antibiotics are used in the production of AKP products. Additionally, AKP does not use a petroleum base, mineral oil, as they are not biodegradable and seals off the skin from air, water or anything else getting in (or out). Wherever applied, it forms an invisible film on the surface that blocks the pores and the skin’s natural respiration process.

AKP only uses USDA organic bases, which are easily absorbed into the skin, providing vital essential fatty acids, Omega 3, 6,and 9 which deeply nourish skin cells so they can thrive.

We firmly believe the use of natural phytochemicals (chemicals from plants) enables AKP to harness the power of Ancient Wisdom for our clients’ health and beauty.

Thank you for using AKP’s products. Any feedback to improve the product is greatly appreciated. AKP can customize for our clients’ needs and requirements.

AKP’s most important goal is your health and well-being.

Anh Kim Phan
Office: 323.673.1257

*Anh K Phan was trained as Food Chemical & Technology Engineering in Danang Polytechnic University in Vietnam. Master Degree of Applied Science in Food Science from the University of Western Sydney, Australia. California Cosmetologist License.
Due to severe health problems, she left her job from the Product Research & Development department of a large corporate in beauty and personal care products. Frustrating with conventional medicine, this made her conditions worse, she seriously self-taught natural herbal medicine and cured her of the chronic disease. The AKP’s products are developed during a long time intensively studies on natural medicine combine her knowledge from hard training as the scientist in Food science and technology.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions:

We believe in transparency and high quality, therefore, all base ingredients in the AKP products are natural and USDA certified. Please feel free to email us any questions or concerns. We are happy to hear from you and will respond in a timely manner. We believe people have the right to know the safety profile and complete list of ingredients of their skin care products.

Q: Does AKP skincare contain sunscreen?

A: AKP’S SKINCARE products do not contain ZINC OXIDE or TINATIUM OXIDE as regular sunscreens do. These substances may cause skin problems with long-term use. AKP’s formula does not block sun rays, which are necessary for vitamin D production, but provides long lasting, antioxidant power to neutralize most of the free radicals caused by the sun and harsh environmental elements, such as air pollution and radiation from electronic devices.

Q: Why should we keep AKP cream and SERUM refrigerated and away from light?



Short Answer: Our AKP skincare formula is a friendly microbiome and edible food for the skin, and therefore must be FREE of artificial ingredients. It contains many valuable, yet heat and light-sensitive active ingredients. Therefore, direct sunlight and high temperatures may quickly destroy these active ingredients, reducing their potency. As a result, AKP cream and SERUM must be refrigerated to increase their shelf-life. If traveling with products, use Light & Heat Proof packaging to maintain their potency. Long Answer: AKP Anti-aging contains many bioactive antioxidants which are very sensitive to heat and light. When the sun’s ultraviolet radiation interacts with the cream, it excites surface molecules that react with oxygen to form singlet oxygen, causing oxidation of lipids.

The speed of oxidation increases rapidly as temperature increases, which is not a linear, but rather a logarithmic reaction. For example, when temperatures increase 1ºC, the speed of oxidation increases ten times; when increasing 2ºC, the oxidation rate may increase a hundred times, not twenty times.

AKP products use natural antioxidants to cancel out free radicals, so although the product does not become rancid, the potency may lessen. You only want the product to neutralize the free radicals inside your skin, and not to combat the preventable free radicals caused by heat and light.

For these reasons, it is critical to keep AKP organic cosmetic products made from 100% natural organic oils and herbs, away from light and high temperatures, preserving both potency and effectiveness.

Q: If I accidentally expose the cream to high heat and direct sunlight, does the product turn toxic and should I throw it away?

A: As stated previously, AKP Skincare ingredients contain a natural antioxidant to cancel out these free radicals caused by heat and light. Although the exposed product does not turn toxic, its potency may decrease. Therefore, avoid heat and light as much as possible, and refrigerate AKP serum and cream after use.

This practice is not only for AKP products, but any other cosmetic products. Any open skincare container exposed to very high heat (e.g.100ºF) and sunlight for extended periods of time (4 – 12 hours) becomes ineffective.

Oxidation only occurs in the presence of light, heat and free oxygen. Therefore, always properly close the container after each use. AKP uses light-proof jars and airtight bottles, airless pump to minimize the effect from light and oxygen.

Q: Without a preservative, how can you prevent your products from going bad?

A: This is one of the most common questions we get asked about AKP organic products, and the answer sets us apart from many commercial skin care products on the market.

First of all, we are proud to report our products are FREE of artificial preservatives, parabens, and sodium benzoate.

AKP products use antioxidant vitamins and herbal flavonoids, and essential oils, which serve as both natural preservatives and active ingredients. It is different from other commercial skincare products, which use inactive petroleum base and high amounts of artificial preservatives that prevent oxidation for longer shelf-life but also suppress the activeness of other antioxidant constituents, rendering them ineffective.

AKP apply Good Manufacturing Practice or GMP, required by FDA, on production and distribution to achieve the highest quality products. No need to use artificial preservatives, which may cause cancer. The safety of consumers and their satisfaction is our top priority.

PEOPLE: The scientists and technicians working directly with the products are required to have excellent health, free from chronic disease and dependency on antibiotics or pain medication for at least two years. The microbiome of individuals who have chronic illnesses may be out of balance, which may contaminate the products. AKP only employs people who believe and practice AKP health protocols to be healthy without depending on drugs.

PACKAGING: Dark glass bottle, BPA-free, airtight, light-proof bottles and jars, to prevent oxidation.

ENVIRONMENT: we use Electrolyzed Ionized water pH 11.5 pH 2.5 pH to clean and sanitize environment. We make small batches with high quality-control systems in place. The manufacturing date and batch number are clearly printed on labels. Instructions for use and storage are printed on every bottle.

DISTRIBUTION: At present, we only sell directly to consumers online or at our affiliated salon and spa in Los Angeles, which is stated on our website. The certified salon and spa are required to strictly adhere to AKP's standard protocols. We open to opportunity to set up AKP Skincare Lab around the world for local supply, avoid long distance shipping.

SHIPPING: Our products are always fresh, and we use non-toxic reusable ice blocks and heat & light shields to protect product when shipping.

Q: AKP skincare products have a light color and fragrance. Are you sure there are no artificial colors or fragrances as stated in your protocols? Some products smell “herbal”. Why don’t you purify them?

A: The color and fragrance of AKP products are naturally occurring from the herbs we use. We employ a unique technique to extract and preserve the essential constituents’ isoflavonoids, and extract the oil from the herbs. The natural colors come from flavonoids and isoflavonoids, which had been used from ancient’s time for beauty remedies, and recent modern studies have shown that they have an important role in enhancing the effectiveness of other antioxidant vitamins and neutralizing side effects of oxidative stress caused by these free radicals.

The aromatic fragrance (or “unpleasant herbal smell” depending on the individuals’ preference) comes from the herb's essential oils, which have antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-virus, and anti-inflammatory properties, and therefore play an active and critical role in the effectiveness of AKP products. That is the reason we don’t “purify” these precious constituents.

Q: Why don’t you use artificial color and fragrance?

A: Artificial color and fragrance have an attractive appearance and long-lasting scent. These features have created a huge market for synthetic versions of natural fragrances that smell similar to natural fragrances, but last much longer and can be sold for considerably less because of the petroleum base.

There is speculation about cancer caused by artificial color and fragrance; we highly recommend that people educate themselves to be able to make informed decisions.

As the creator of AKP products, I am just one of many people who have a systemic reaction to artificial color & fragrance, presenting with such symptoms as sinus blockage, sneezing, watery eyes, skin rashes, confusion, and hypertension. The reaction is so severe that I have to ask people around me not to wear fragrances. I know that a significant portion of our population has a similar reaction. My personal journey along with other people’s stories led me to create AKP organic skincare for myself and people in need.

AKP products are also for people who, although may be less sensitive to artificial colors and fragrance, don’t want to expose themselves to potentially toxic ingredients.

The natural color and fragrance in AKP products, as stated above, is bioactive and biodegradable, which means it can be easily absorbed, used, and processed by the human body. The phytochemicals used in the products are derived from plants and are therefore both safe and effective. The only disadvantage of natural fragrance is the short-acting aroma, but the benefits far outweigh the costs. There are no potentially irritating or harmful ingredients in natural fragrances.

Theory of color and smell

Color and fragrance molecules have a definite 3D-structure, which reflect the natural light. Different angles create color perception in the light receptors of our eyes. The scent molecule structure fits in receptor “holes” in the human nose to send a signal of smell to our brain.
Natural or phytochemical color and fragrance mostly have antioxidative properties, meaning they can easily give away their electron to cancel out other neighboring free radicals. As a result, they change to a less active form, losing fragrance or color themselves. That is the reason why natural fragrance or color does not last long.

The synthetic molecules have the same or similar 3D-structure as natural molecules, but they are highly stable and therefore don’t have anti-oxidative properties. This enables both synthetic color and fragrance to last almost forever.

If you are robust and healthy, drink a sufficient amount of good water to help the body can get rid of these foreign particles, but if your immune system is compromised and you absorb too much toxicity, these substances may get stored in your liver or lungs, or fat tissue, potentially causing cancer.