Contour Mask


STEP 1: Apply circle around lip and chin as thick as possible, wait 1-2 minutes

STEP 2: Apply upward from the under the chin to the tempo, avoid eyes muscle. Use different angles; keep the same finish point at tempo. Apply as thick as possible.

STEP 3: Apply upward from the lip circle to the tempo, avoid eyes muscle. Use different angles; keep same finish point at tempo. Apply as thick as possible.

STEP 4: Laying down wait for the mask dry about 2-3 hours. Ideally, apply the mask before sleep, the dried mask keep contour the face, while the nutrients from the mask nourish and repair the damaged cells.

When the mask completely dried, it forms a thin but study layer, easily remove with finger. Use AKP BEAUTY WATER or clean water to weep off the small residues.

CASE STUDY: Left cheek sagging due to teeth inflammation, use AKP herbal treatment and Contour mask, the face went back to its original shape within one day.


Put the frozen cube of AKP CONTOUR MASK in small cup; immerse the cup in warm water 2-5 minutes. The mask melt to a thick vicious paste, ready for apply. DO NOT MICROWAVE

As We Aged Or Stress Out, The Lympatic Sydtem Does Not Work Properly, The Toxic Waste Got Stuck Inside Causing Edema. The Edema Fluid Is Very Acid Damaging The Collagen Fiber. If The Edema Fluid Is Not Draw Out Immediately, Permanent Sagging Is The Result.

Akp Contour Mask Conform With The Face Muscle Length, When The Mask Dry, It Draw Out The Toxic Edema Fluid Stuck Inside Muscle, Tighten And Contour The Sagging Muscle, While The Akp Cellular Level Nutrients Penetrates And Nourish The Damage Cells, Repair The Collagen Fiber Prevent Further Gravity Sagging.

Ingredient: Fresh Made In Small Batches.

No Artificial Color, Fragrance, Or Preservative. No Paraben. No Petrochemical. All The Ingredients Are Edible.

Ionized (Kangen) Water, Collagen , Chia Seed, Fenugreed Seed, Calenlula Flower, Green Tea Extracts, Coconut, Oilive, Sesame, Safflower, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Gac (Momordica Cochinchinensis) Oil

Akp Signature Anti-oxidant Network Vitamin Mix (Patent Pending) Vitamin C, B1, B2,b3, B5,b6, B12,vitamin E Mixed Tocopherol, Vitamin D, K2, Co-q10, Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Different Versions: Cacao, Tumeric, Spirulina , Prickly Pear, Green Tea. Avocado.

We Also Have Vegan Formula Make With Sea Weed For Tricky Vegetarian, With Special Order.

Storage: Keep In Freezer In Its Original Packaging Until Use. Thaw Inside Refrigerator .

To Use: Strictly Follow The Instruction How To Apply. This Contour Mask Is Only Use For Lower Part Of The Face, Lip Muscle, Jaw Line.

Attention: Akp Collagen Contour Mask Make With All Natural Ingredients. However, Some People May Have Allergic Reaction With One Of Them. Please Check With A Small Part Of Your Skin Before Applying In The Large Area. If Skin Irritation Occurs Discontinues Use.

The Tightening Effect When The Mask Drying May Cause Some Sensation.

Taking Off The Dried Mask Also Remove Facial Hair, And Blackheads May Cause Some Sensation, Therefore It Better To Have Facial Hair Waxed Before Using The Contour Mask.

Make Sure Use Enagic Beauty Water To Rinse The Face.

Disclaimer: FDA Has Not Validated These Above Statement. This Product Is Not Intended To Treat, Prevent, Or Cure Any Diseases.