Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in transparency, and high quality, all of the ingredients in the AKP product from nature and USDA certified. We will answer any question concern about their safety. Here under are some Frequently Asked Question about our product. You are welcome to email us any concern. We are happy to hear from you. We believe people have the right to know what ingredients and safety of product they put in their skin.

Q: Do AKP skincare have sunscreen ingredient?

A: AKP’S SKINCARE products do not contain ZINC OXIDE, TINATIUM OXIDE as regular sunscreen. These substances may cause skin problems for long term use. AKP formula does not block the sun rays, which is necessary for vitamin D production, but it provides the long lasting antioxidant network power to neutralize most of the free radicals caused by the sun and harsh environment like air pollution, radiation from electronic devices.

Q: Why should keep AKP cream and SERUM refrigerated, away from light?

Short Answer: AKP skincare formula as the edible food for skin, and friendly microbiome on human skin. Therefore it has to be FREE of artificial kinds of stuff, and it has to contain many valuable active ingredients. Direct sunlight and high heat may quickly destroy these active ingredients, make them less potent. Keep AKP cream and SERUM in the refrigerator, will lengthen the shelf life of products. When needs to travel use Light & Heat Proof package is the best way to keep their potency.

Long Answer: AKP Anti-aging contains many bioactive antioxidants which are very sensitive to light and heat. When ultraviolet radiation from the sun and light hits the cream, it excites a molecule on the surface that reacts with oxygen to form singlet oxygen, causing oxidation of lipid. The speed of oxidation increases rapidly by temperature not a linear but a logarithm relation. For example when temperatures increase 1oC, the speed oxidation increase ten times, when increasing 2oC, the oxidation rate may increase hundred times, not twenty times. AKP products use natural antioxidants to cancel out free radical occurs, so the product does not turn rancid, but the somehow it potency may lessen. You only want the anti-oxidant skin to neutralize free radical inside your skin not to combat the preventable free radicals caused by heat and light.

Therefore, it is critical to keep AKP organic cosmetic products, which is made from 100% natural organic oils and herbs away from light and high temperature, to preserve its potency and effectiveness.

Q: If I accidentally exposed the cream to high heat and direct sun, does the product turn toxic, should I throw away the products?

A: As the answer to the question above, AKP Skincare ingredients have the natural antioxidant to cancel out these free radicals cause by heat and light. The exposed product does not turn toxic, but its potent may lessen. Avoid light and heat as much as possible, and return AKP serum and cream to the refrigerator as soon as possible.

This practice is not only AKP products, but any other cosmetic products, expose open skincare container in very high heat 100oF and sunlight for a long time ( 4 - 12hrs), it becomes useless.

The oxidation only occurs in the present of light, heat and free oxygen, always close the jars after each use. AKP use light proof jars and airless bottle to minimize the effect from light and oxygen.

Q: Are you sure that you don’t use a preservative for your product? How can you prevent product going bad?

A: This is one of the most asked questions for AKP organic product, and the answer the set us apart from many commercial skin care products on the market. Yes, our products are FREE of artificial preservative, paraben, Sodium Benzoate.

AKP products only use antioxidant vitamins and herbal flavonoids, essential oils as the natural preservative and also active ingredients. It is different with other commercial skincare products, which use high amount artificial preservatives which prevent oxidation for longer shelf-life but also suppress the activeness of other antioxidant constituents, render them useless.

AKP apply GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice required by FDA) on production and distribution to achieve the best quality of our products - No need to use these artificial preservatives, which may cause cancer. The safety of consumers and their satisfaction is our priority.

PEOPLE: The technicians who work direct on the product have to have excellent health, free from any chronic disease, Free on any antibiotic, pain medication for at least two years. Individuals who have chronic illnesses may carry bad microbiome, which may contagious. AKP only employs people who believe and practice AKP health protocols to be healthy without depending on drugs.

PACKAGING: Dark glass bottle, BPA free Air-proof, light-proof bottles, and jars, to prevent oxidation.

ENVIRONMENT: we use Kangen pH 11.5ph 2.5 to clean and sanitize environment. We made a small batch with high-quality control, apparently post the manufacture date and batch number on labels. Instruction of use and storage printed on the bottle.

DISTRIBUTION. At current, we only sell directly to consumer online or at our affiliated salon and spa in Los Angeles, which state on our website. The certified salon and spa have to follow the strictly AKP's standard.

SHIPPING: Our products are always fresh, and we use non-toxic reusable ice block and heat & light shield to protect product when shipping.

Q: AKP skincare products have light color and fragrance, are you sure there is no artificial colors or fragrance as stated in your protocols? Some product smell “herbal” why don’t you purified it?

A: The color and fragrance of AKP products are naturally occurring from the herbs we use. We employ the unique technique to extract and preserve the essential constituents’ isoflavonoids and violate oil from herbs. The natural colors come from flavonoids and isoflavonoids, which were thought useless before, but recent modern studies have shown that they act as an important role, enhance the effectiveness of other antioxidants vitamins and neutralize side effect of oxidative stress caused by these anti-oxidants.

Nice fragrance ( or “unpleasant herbal smell” upon individuals’ perspective ) come from the herb's essential oils, which have antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-virus, anti-inflammation, therefore play a critical active role for AKP products. That is the reason we don’t “purified” these precious constituents.

Q: Why don’t you use artificial color and fragrance?

A: Artificial color and fragrance have the very attractive appearance and long-lasting fragrance. We know some people are very addictive to the fragrance that why there is a huge market for artificial color and fragrance, and chemists had successfully created synthetic versions of natural fragrances, which have same fragrances but last much longer and cheaper price from the petroleum base.

There is a speculation about Cancer causing by artificial color and fragrance; people should get educated and make a choice themselves. I - AKP is one of many of people who have an unyielding reaction to artificial color & fragrance.

, such as sinus blockage, sneezing, watery eyes, skin rashes, confusion, hypertension. The react was so terrible that I have to ask people around me do not wear fragrances. I know that a

significant portion of our population has sympathy for me. That why I create AKP organic skincare for myself and people in need.

However it can be used for other regular people too, as less toxic get in, the body works less to detoxify them out.

The natural color and fragrance in AKP products, as stated above, is bioactive and biodegradable, can easy digested and get out by the human body as we have been evolved with these phytochemicals ( chemical from plants) many billion years. Disadvantage of natural fragrances: they do not last long, but also the advantage, they do not cause allergic reaction*

Theory of color and smell

The color and fragrance molecules have definite 3D-structure, which reflect the natural light different angles create color perception in human eyes’s light receptor. The scent molecule structure fits in receptor “holes” in the human nose to send a signal of smell to our brain.

Natural or phytochemical color and fragrance mostly have anti-oxidation property, that mean they can easily give away their electron to cancel out other free radicals around, and then change to something less active, loss fragrance or color themselves. That is the reason why the natural fragrance or color does not last long. The synthetic version molecules have the same or similar 3D-structure with natural molecules, but they are DEAD stable, they don’t have the anti-oxidant property, that why the color and fragrance last almost forever. Once these molecules get into our body, if you are robust and healthy, the body can get rid of these foreign particles. If your immunity is weak, and if too much toxic take in that body could not detox promptly, these substances may log in your liver, or lung, causing cancer.

The consumption of hydrogen rich water for 8 weeks resulted in 39% increase (p less than 0.05) in antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (sod) and a 43% decrease.